‘Lazy Lyrics’ MAKING

The final part of my DA progress blog, ‘making’ is here and while I enjoyed the process, I can’t wait for it to be over.

Reflection post ‘Prototyping’ stage and ‘Beta’ stage

In my last blog post, I talked about my anxiety and nervousness in terms of posting content. Since that post I have posted 6 more songs on the website! The two that I’m very proud of were ‘Loving’ by Land of Talk and ‘Ease’ by Troye Sivan. These two were my favourite due to the amount of research and effort that I put into them. Although I may be biased as these are also generally two favourite songs of mine.


Since posting  both ‘Loving’ and ‘Ease’ the site itself has actually had views because of this content. Although it isn’t a lot of views, it is still better than nothing and proves that I have an audience, well, a niche audience at least.


October 14th – 1 view from Australia

October 21st – 3 views from United States

October 23rd – 1 view from United States

I’m hoping the more I post my content the more people interact and view my content.

Breaking the brick wall

In prototyping I talked about hitting a huge brick wall. For a re-cap, I was incredibly de-motivated due to my website essentially being inaccessible and then later on deleted. All my work in designing the logo, backgrounds, pages and general design of the website was gone. This was an issue because during my pitch I talked about how I could produce more content because I already had the website up and running from the previous session in BCM112. After motivating myself to re-create the website, I felt pretty drained and the idea of making another lyric break down was pretty daunting.


So, after awhile I forced myself to make one. Even though I never actually put the lyric break down on the site as it was pretty terrible, it got the ball rolling and soon enough I was back in the groove and creating another lyric breakdown. I learnt a lot in general about not only about how to produce content after something like that, I learnt a lot about how I personally should go about dealing with something like this next time it occurs. It took me quite awhile to realise that not everything I make needs to be perfect, as long as it gets the cogs in my brain turning, I can eventually make something that is worth posting. So that was an awesome personal learning experience which I never thought I’d come to the realisation during my digital artefact.


Pushing forward

After the realisation not only did I create the lyric breakdown in a word document, I began to publish them on my site. By the time the assignment is submitted I’m hoping to have around 8 songs on the website. Furthermore, to create more traction, I’m going to start tweeting out songs that I have published on the site but never tweeted about.

vera wix.png


This is a huge step for me, as if I was still stuck in the mindset I was in during the prototyping phase, I would never do this. Revealing my work is scary to me, but if I want to excel and push forward in the making phase of my DA, this is what I need to do. The DA is about showing your audience your content, which is something I never would of done without overcoming my past issues. Overall, I actually think it’s a good thing that all those issues happened in prototyping because I genuinely don’t think my site and overall project would be as good without these issues. Re-making everything allowed me to refine and make something that with my first attempt was not possible.

lazy wixloving wixlyrics wix

The finished content, published on my website.


Final Thoughts

It’s pretty surprising that I say this but I’m really happy that things went wrong. It helped my DA for the better and also allowed myself to learn from my own mistakes through personal reflection.


But for now? I’m so glad that it’s over.


It’s time to reflect and discuss my DA once again, but this time, in terms of prototyping. It’s been an uphill battle for me lately, trying to juggle this DA while also doing other subjects, it’s really easy to let this subject slip into the back of your mind.


What have I observed after posting content

When I first started this site during BCM112, I was honestly left a little disappointed. This was due to nobody really reacting or viewing my site, and I thought it was because the content was bad. Honestly, until BCM114, I still believed that. But that all changed after I first presented my pitch in class. I had my first taste of a feedback loop.

Not only was I greeted with a positive response, I had people actually asking me about different artists and lyrics, which led to a whole class discussion about ghost writers and other misconceptions about song writers, which made me feel so much more passionate and inspired. Additionally, the feedback loop continued, I even got tweeted at (I have cut out their names because I forgot to ask permission to post their tweets, oops, sorry!) and it further pushed me to continue my DA.


Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.36.43 pm.png



Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.37.08 pm.png

The process of me making these lyrics has changed a lot since my pitch and now. Although I am passionate about this and do love to do it, before my feedback loop I was very negative about what I would publish. I would think “Oh, no-one really cares about this” or “This isn’t going to be seen, I’m only doing it to have active content” but after the feedback loop, my process has changed for the better. I’m now doing this not only for myself, but because I know that there is at-least SOMEONE who cares. And honestly? That’s enough.


Even if my audience is niche (shout out to that girl in class who wanted me to analyse Lil Pump’s “I love it”), I’ve noticed that most of the reactions or feedback comes from girls. Additionally, every single one who I’ve talked to somehow ends up how they are going to Yours and Owls Festival (I’m not hating I’m going too!!) So I made a cute lil’ starter pack dedicated to my 3 fans ❤


starter pack.jpg

The brick wall

Unfortunately, I ran into a pretty big issue and it de-motivated me quite a bit. My website, for whatever reason, de-activated. I’m not entirely sure why, but after posting my first song “Loving” by Land of Talk, I could no longer refresh the page and after a few minutes it said the site cannot be found. Although I was pretty distraught, luckily, since i’m a perfectionist, I have all my songs saved in another document. So nothing was really lost apart from my website.

somebody tod me.png

Example of my content BEFORE it is published on the site

But this meant that I had to re-build my website, something that as I mentioned in my BCM114 pitch, was good to have set-up and done which meant I could focus on my music more. But I felt so upset and de-motivated because now I’d have to start over again. Thankfully, the site only took a few days to get back up and running due to remembering how to do it since the last semester. Still though, was a really hard time for me.


Re-shaping my thinking 

Due to my negativity in BCM112 and the website issue, I think I have been very scared to post content straight away on my website. During my pitch I explained that I want to use twitter and interact with my audience more, but, because I am not used to having an active audience, I feel pressure. Due to this, I haven’t been posting on my site, instead writing everything down in my doc, completing it and telling myself that I’ll post it tomorrow.

That needs to change.

I need to start thinking positively, and more importantly, trusting myself and accepting feedback. I’ve realised that although my audience may be niche, that doesn’t mean that they are never going to leave me. If I don’t continue and step up my twitter feed and social media presence, they aren’t going to visit my site, which defeats the purpose. From this blog post onwards I’m gonna start posting everything on my site, and I’m going to make my DA known. Something that I promised myself from the start and that I never did. But better late than never right?





‘Lazy Lyrics’ IDEATING


“form ideas; think”

The idea of ‘Lazy Lyrics’ first came about in my first semester of uni when I was doing BCM 112. I absolutely love music, and the messages and meaning behind each song. Although, I found myself frustrated when I would try and look up the meaning behind a song and found no results, purely because it wasn’t popular. I would listen to a song so full of meaning, emotion and story but just because the radio doesn’t play it, nobody cares about it. That is when I decided I wanted to do something about it, and the idea of ‘Lazy Lyrics’ was created.

An early concept of what I wanted to do, yet to get the layout and consistency correct

The original idea behind ‘Lazy Lyrics’ was a blog that would take songs, whether they were new or old, and put my own meaning and explanation behind the lyrics. Most of the songs I picked were from fairly popular artists, but I would pick the songs that most people haven’t heard of, the ones that had so much potential but were overlooked. The concept of FEFO (Fail early, Fail often) took place almost immediately as I realised a blog format would be a terrible format for what I was trying to do. I needed something bigger, something that could layout what I was trying to do better. I decided on WIX as it seemed simple enough and was free, but also was capable of making a aesthetically pleasing website. Additionally, it also fit the concept of FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) perfectly (gotta love being a broke uni student!).

Early concept of the site using wix

Week 2 – Thinking

I decided to continue on with ‘Lazy Lyrics’ because I genuinely love the idea and enjoy making the project better. Additionally, it fit the concept of FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) and FEFO (Fail early, Fail often). For this semester, I want to focus more on my audience and create feedback loops. I think twitter is the perfect way to go about this, and I have already began to ask people who were interested in my DA last semester for songs that they would like to be explained.

The completed logo for ‘Lazy Lyrics’

Week 3 – Observing

Last semester ‘Lazy Lyrics’ fell short when it came to an audience. This semester I am to use twitter to build an audience for ‘Lazy Lyrics’, through the use of polls (getting people to vote on what song they would like explained) and also by taking individual song explanation requests. Furthermore, I’m going to link the website wherever I can to generate publicity and more site traffic.

An example of my successful prototyping in semester 1

Week 4 – Defining

Due to the nature of my project, I realised very quickly I have quite a niche audience. Because of this, this time around I really need to hone in on what songs people want to see explained, not just songs that I personally want to see explained. Furthermore, because my website is already up and running I will need to produce a lot more content than I did last time, as I can focus solely on the content and not the production of the website.

Content and website end result

BCM 114 & what I want to improve

I loved working on ‘Lazy Lyrics’ and I want to work on it again this semester. I want to use twitter to engage with others more, and take recommendations or requests on what others want to see. Additionally, I want to keep working on the site to make it better and more user accessible. Furthermore, I really want to branch out and start using less known artists and use the site as not only a way to explain lyrics, but also introduce amazing artists to people who may never of heard of them before.

I have a lot of work to do, but I’m glad I know where to start.

Digital Artefact Brainstorm

Once again, I am at a loss for what to do for my digital artefact this semester for BCM 114. Whats new?


A semester in video – Take 5-10 second clips of each day (including weekends and days i’m not at uni?). Kind of like a vlog but more of a snapshot of each day in a semester. Add music and create a video at the end of the semester.

Playlist maker – Each week I create a poll on twitter and make a list of general ideas for a playlist e.g songs to work out to, songs to listen to when your sad) and see if I can gain an audience through that

Live streaming – Would to experiment with Twitch.tv and see if I could build an audience on that platform. Compare each livestream session with the previous, e.g see how many current viewers I had. Experimented with Twitch.tv in the past. The only issue is my internet connection, I am getting NBN soon but it won’t be connected until the end of the year.

“Lazy Lyrics” continuation – Continue working on my previous DA, “Lazy Lyrics”.

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