Word Or Wave – Beta

It’s that time once again.

I think the best place to start is to address the feedback I was given in regards to my game, and then build on from there. Chris really liked that I had some background knowledge to help build the concept of ‘Word Or Wave’ however he recommended that I build on this further by citing reports, reviews and even critiques of the games that inspired this project.

So, I did that. Using the links that Chris gave me which were both live-savers and inspirational, I quickly realised that Word or Wave needed a lot of work. One of the main points I took away from the games that were listed is that Word or Wave needed genres to split the game up and make it accessible to a broader audience. The chances of someone who is 50 knowing popular music is quite low, and this concept goes both ways too.

Additionally, while it was hard during quarantine to be able to play test my game, I had a few mates over to fully test out Word or Wave from its bare bones.

Let’s just say it was just short of a disaster.

The YouTube playlists that I was using was clunky, the music all had instrumentals from the beginning so there wasn’t much tell of what the song was and as I had previously stated, the music was so diverse that some of my friends didn’t even know the songs to start with because they were older songs.

I would usually sugar coat my previous game and try and evolve concepts instead of out-right replacing them but in the case of Word or Wave, serious changes needed to be made.


So here’s what I am currently/planning to implement and why.


1. Downloading the songs and editing the soundclips myself.

This will solve the issue of having to manually find the chorus of the instrumental while playing. If I splice and edit the song to only play the chorus, it will create a much more smoother transition and help the UX.

2. Switching from YouTube to Spotify

Switching to Spotify allows me to upload the edited songs and also, in my opinion, is a much better interface than YouTube. Additionally, having all the different genres in front of you is helpful.

3. Adding playlists that correspond to the time frame of the music

Since I’m switching to Spotify, I can easily create different genres/time frames for my music, making it much more easier for me to switch and creating a smoother environment for Word or Wave.


Hopefully these changes will see a massive improvement of UX. UX was one of the biggest reasons why Word or Wave wasn’t fun to put it simply. Half the time was spent making sure the correct song was playing, making sure that it was playing on the chorus and having to sit through a stupid YouTube advertisement.

I’m looking forward to my next play test of this game and hopefully I’ll be able to play it with more than 3 people this time!


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